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Thursday, April 19, 2018

North Port 1974/1993, G&M – CC, 40%

Review #640
This is a 1974 vintage from Gordon & MacPhail’s “Connoisseurs Choice” series. Light and fruity in the smell. Yet in packs some flavours. Crisp apples and sweet pears mixed with some weak notes of dried fruits. Hints of vanilla and caramel in the end.

Oak and oak spices at first in the taste, and it is actually very flavourful considering the low strength. A fine mix of white and dried fruits. It gets a bit watery in the finish and the low ABV is noticeable. Sweet pears, sweet caramel and vanilla. The vanilla actually stays for quite a while.

A very good whisky, and one of those times where I can’t stop wondering about how good this would have been at a bit higher strength! 46, hell, maybe even just 43% would have been exiting to try! I haven’t tried with water, and wouldn’t recommend it, as it seems a bit fragile. I will give this 85/100 (21/22/21/21).

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Chita, 43%

Review #639
This is a single grain whisky from Chita Distillery, matured in a combination of Bourbon, Sherry and wine casks. Tropical fruits and heavy vanilla in the smell. Some oak and burned caramel as well.

Burned oak and loads of vanilla in the taste. A bit of floral notes in the background to give it an extra little touch. The finish is medium long and mostly just vanilla sweetness. It works though.

I don´t think it is that old, but it packs a fair amount of flavours. For an easy sipping whisky, this is quite good, and I could imagine I would come back to this, if the price is fair. I will give this 83/100 (21/21/21/20).

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Glen Moray 15 yo, 40%

Review #638
This is matured in a combination of Sherry and American oak casks. Vanilla and citrus on the nose. Some white fruits and hints of tropical fruits, like pineapple.

Light with white fruits in the taste. Citrusy notes again. Sweet sugary wine notes. The finish is quite sweet with vanilla coming through. It is not too long though. Still, the finish is what I enjoy most about in this whisky.

A fine dram, but nothing too spectacular. However, I think it would be another dram, if it was bottled at, for an example, 46%. It would probably drive all these sweet sugary wine notes forward, and make this absolutely delicious. I will give this 81/100 (20/20/21/20).

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Campbeltown Loch, 40%

Review #637
This is bottled by Springbank Distillers Ltd, and it is said to be about 5 years old, with Springbank and Longrow in the mix. Sweet grainy vanilla in the smell. White fruits, especially apples and just a hint of hay and toffee.

Lightly peated with vanilla shining through in the taste. The vanilla is also dominant in the finish, which dies off a bit fast. Behind all the vanilla, the white fruits are hiding. A bit higher strength, and I actually think that the finish would have been very good!

I didn’t expect much, and the low ABV didn’t make me expect more, but it is actually a quite nice, easy sipping dram. It is not very complex, but on the other hand, the alcohol isn’t aggressive as it can be in some young blended whiskies. As I said, a nice easy sipping dram. I will give this 81/100 (20/21/20/20).

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Tennessee Bourbon 13 yo (2003/2016), A Rare Find, 53,7%

Review #636
From Gleann Mór Spirits comes this single cask Bourbon from an undisclosed Tennessee distillery. Only 143 bottles were made. Sweet caramel and vanilla in the smell. Rum essence and just a little wonderfull tocu of burned oak. I could smell this all day!

Heavy burned oak and alcohol at first in the taste. Some oranges and dark chocolate joins in as well. The finish is long and warm. The caramel and vanilla covers your mouth and lingers out beautifully!

It is not overly complex, but the balance is great. And if you like sweet whisky, with a touch of oak, this is you! If 53,7% is a bit too much, don´t be afraid of adding some water, as the whiskey will become more accessible to your palate. Probably one of the best Bourbons I’ve ever had! I will give this 90/100 (23/22/23/22).

Friday, April 6, 2018

Macduff 19 yo (1997/2017), The Single Cask, 53,5%

Review #635
A single cask from “The Single Cask”. It is from a Bourbon barrel with the cask number 5278 and only 273 bottles were made. Fresh white fruits in the smell. Honey, vanilla and marzipan with hints of malted barley and hay.

Alcohol, oak and peppery notes at first in the taste. After the alcohol calms down, honey thickness comes forward. Sweet fruits and nuts. The finish is still full of spices and mixes beautifully with the sweetness.

A classic Bourbon matured Macduff. Perhaps a bit more spicy than usual… It reminds me of whisky from the good old days. The ABV is high and the whisky feisty, so don´t be afraid to play around with some water. I will give this 86/100 (21/22/22/21).

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Wee Beauty, Gleann Mór Spirits, 46%

Review #634
A Speyside Blended Malt from, what Gleann Mór Spirits claims to be, Speyside´s finest distilleries. Quite fresh in the smell. Some tropical fruits and vanilla with hints of oak and raisins in the background.

Loads of flavours in the taste, with the vanilla and sweet fruits being the dominant parts. Some oak as well. The finish is long, and the 46% is doing a great job. Once again, some raisins comes forward and brings some of this dark fruit sweetness to the mix.

This would go great with a cigar! The finish acts like it is cask strength, even though it is watered down. Gleann Mór could actually convince me that it is some of “Speyside´s finest distilleries”! I will give this 87/100 (21/22/22/22).

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Peaty Rascal Batch 1, Gleann Mór Spirits, 46%

Review #633
This is a Blended Malt from Islay. Lightly peated with citrusy notes and vanilla in the smell. Some grass and hints of light marzipan as well. It smells nice, but it is a bit light… Young, fresh and clean.

The peat definitely comes more forward in the taste. It is a sweet peat, with some lime and loads of white fruits on the side. Some burned caramel appears in the finish, but to honest, not much else happens.

It seems a bit young, and not many flavours has found its way from the cask to the spirit. However, the quality is fine, and for the right occasion, it would be great. I will give this 82/100 (20/21/21/20).