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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Black Tartan, Highland Blended Malt, 40%

Review #666
From Skene Scotch Whisky comes this Highland Blended Malt. It is a vatting of four “premium” Highland malts. Overripe fruits and a bit of citrusy notes in the smell. The sweetness comes afterwards – vanilla and toffee. Hints of oak in the background as well.

The classic Highland character is more noticeable in the taste. Toffee and fruits. Fresh white fruits and exotic fruits mixed with a dash of dried fruits. The toffee notes turns a bit more to caramel in the finish.

Actually quite flavourful considering that it is only 40%. The sweetness from the casks have been released great into the whisky and pampers your palate. From the taste I expected a more sharp taste, but it is actually quite soft. I will give this 83/100 (20/21/21/21).

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Braunstein, Library Collection 15:1, 46%

Review #665
This is bottled 2015. It is matured in Oloroso Sherry and D’Yquem Sauternes casks, and only 1000 bottles were made. The smell is very light! Sweet ripe apples and pineapple on the nose. A bit of oak and toffee.

Fresh crisp taste. White fruits and vanilla sweetness. Sweet white fruits and white (sweet) grapes. Burned caramel and over ripe pears. Mostly the sweetness from the pears. The finish is very sweet. All sugary.

If you like your whisky sweet, this is you. From the start to the finish, it is the sweetness that is in focus, and I am very curious to what would have happened with longer maturation, or at least at a higher strength. Anyway, good sweet casks Braunstein have found here! I will give this 83/100 (20/21/21/21).

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Braunstein, Library Collection 14:2, 46%

Review #664
This is bottled ??-09-2014. It is matured in Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry casks, and only 1000 bottles were made. Oak, caramel and red berries in the smell. Light peaty and heathery notes in the end.

Light peat and citrusy notes in the taste. Notes of dried fruits starts making an appearance. Not heavy dried fruits, just a little nice and sweet touch. The vanilla really joins in the finish alongside some fruity sugary sweetness from the dried fruits.

Some people don´t like the combination of Sherry and peat - luckily I do! Even those who don´t could probably deal with this, as it isn't a Sherry bomb - at all! In my opinion, the Sherry maturation should have been even longer! I will give this 83/100 (21/20/21/21).

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Braunstein, Library Collection 14:1, 46%

Review #663
This is 8 years old, from 2005 and bottled 18-03-2014. It is matured in Oloroso Sherry and Cognac casks, and only 1000 bottles were made. Burned caramel and oak in the smell. Some light fresh fruity notes as well.

This has a bit of a bitter taste to it. Different sorts of fruits. Especially grapes, but also some white fruits (ripe pears) and dried fruits (sweet raisins) alongside some oak and spices. Dark chocolate coming through in the finish.

There is something a bit off about this... I can´t figure out if it is the new make that isn´t up to it, or if it is the maturation in Cognac casks that have had too big of an impact. With that said, I did enjoy it, and I know other people enjoy it as well. I will give this 80/100 (20/19/20/21).

Monday, June 11, 2018

Braunstein, Library Collection 11:2, 46%

Review #662
This is 3 years old, from 2008 and bottled 02-09-2011. It is matured in Bourbon and new oak casks, and only 1085 bottles were made. Thick caramel sweetness mixed with dried fruits in the smell. Burned oak and toffee.

Red fruits and dried fruits mixes in the taste. Raspberry jam and dates. Again some burned oak is quite noticeable. The sweetness from the fruits really shows in the finish. It stays for quite a while. Some burn caramel in the end.

The finish from the virgin oak is really showing. Giving it this creamy caramel touch and feeling alongside the burned oak. This is probably not for all, but I enjoyed it. Especially the smell is something I can spend some time with. I will give this 84/100 (22/20/21/21).

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Braunstein, Library Collection 10:2, 46%

Review #661
This is 3 years old and bottled 01-09-2010. It is matured in Bourbon and Sherry casks, and only 900 bottles were made. Sour apples and alcohol at first in the smell. Malted barley, a bit of oak, salted caramel and some vanilla mixes with the white fruits.

Light peat in the taste. Wasn´t quite expecting that. Danish new make, licorice and fruits. Still mainly white fruits, but also a bit of sweet raisins. The peat seems a bit meaty in the finish. Some sweetness and oak comes forward as well.

Two things. 1 - It seems a bit... Maybe not young, but undermatured... Had I tasted this, I would have left it longer in the casks. 2 - My guess would be that their new make back then wasn´t too high quality. However, it´s an okay dram, and the light peatiness makes a bit up for the other lacking elements. I will give this 74/100 (20/17/18/19).

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Glenallachie 11 yo (2000/2012), Provenance, 46%

Review 660
This is from the series Provenance from Douglas McGibbon. It´s distilled Winter 2000 and was matured until Autumn 2012 in cask number DMG8689. It is very mild on the nose. Light white fruits and malted barley. Some citrusy notes as well.

A bit grassy with white fruits in the taste. Hints of vanilla with some sugary sweetness. The finish is medium, but doesn’t add much new to the experience. It is basically just the same flavours as in the taste dying out…

This seems very young. However, it is 11 years old, which tells me that the quality of the cask haven’t been very high. It simply doesn’t seems like the cask have had many things to offer to the whisky (they have used a worn out cask). I will give this 75/100 (18/18/20/19).

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Ardbeg 25 yo (bottled 2002), Lord of the Isles, 46%

Review #659
This version is from 02-12-2002. An iconic bottling from Ardbeg that was released from 2001 to 2007. Very fresh and soft vanilla peat on the nose. White fruits and Islay vegetation. Some mint at the end.

A bit earthy and salty notes with peat in the taste. Oak, grass and hay with some lemons as well in the background. Some white fruits are more noticeable in the finish, which is quite long by the  way. Crisp apples and pears (not the overripe sweet kind).

This is how old Ardbeg should taste like, on so many aspects. Unfortunately, I miss a bit of complexity and oak influence after all these years. Maybe a bit higher ABV could have done the trick? Anyway, it is still a very nice dram! I will give this 89/100 (22/23/22/22).