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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Miltonduff 24 yo (1989/2013), Silver Seal, 51,3%

Review #774
A ”Special Bottling” from Silver Seal, matured in a Sherry cask. Only 120 bottles were made. Oak, dried fruit and vanilla in the smell. It’s not a “Sherry-bomb” on the nose, but a great mix of age and subtle Sherry influence.

Much more Sherry influence and oak in the taste. Apricots and raisins – sweet raisins. Mixed with sweet white fruits and some vanilla. The finish is loooong and warm, and the oak and dried fruits lingering out. The tannins from the oak really comes forward here, accompanied by some dark chocolate.

A whisky that just gets better and better, so give it some time in the glass, and don´t be afraid of pouring yourself a couple of drams of this! Great quality here from Silver Seal - I will give this 91/100 (22/23/23/23).

Monday, May 13, 2019

Imperial 1995/2014, Signatory, 46%

Review #773
This is from the series ”The Un-Chillfiltered Collection” and comes from a hogshead with the cask number 50162. It is bottled for Vinmonopolet in Denmark, and only 334 bottles were made. Baked apples and vanilla in the smell, with a little dash of raisins.

White fruits, but in the baked kind of way, in the taste. A little dried fruits as well. The finish is warm and full of flavours. The dried fruits comes even more forward, and is accompanied by some oak. The vanilla is there, but very subtle in the background.

The years in the oak have really done a fine job with this Imperial spirit! I love when the white fruit flavours goes from “fresh to baked”, due to the maturation, and that’s certainly the case here! I will give this 88/100 (21/22/23/22).

Friday, May 10, 2019

Imperial 1990/2002, G&M – Distillery Label, 40%

Review #772
Gordon & MacPhail have made a series of licensed bottlings from Imperial – “Distillery Label”. This is the 1990 vintage. So gentle on the nose. White fruits, slightly floral and marzipan.

Still white fruits in the taste, but some grassy and vegetal notes appears. Also some burned oak and apples. Sweet burned caramel in the finish joins the white fruits. Medium to long finish, which is quite impressive with the low ABV.

This is just a good classic Scotch whisky. It lacks a little due to the low ABV (yes – I would love it at 43-46%), but it´s still a fine straightforward whisky, with a touch of an old school style. I will give this 83/100 (20/21/21/21).

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Old Perth, Blended Malt – Sherry Casks, 43%

Review #771
A blended malt from Morrison and MacKay’s Old Perth range. Quite the Sherry influence on the nose. But in a light and sweet way. Sweet raisins, fresh plums and some vanilla.

Some white fruits and hay joins the show in the taste. Some bitter oak and hints of citrus as well. The finish is medium long with a sweet touch of the dried fruits and berries. Gives a little vanilla creamy feeling as well.

Not quite what I expected from such a cheap whisky - with the smell as the absolute highlight. But also a fine finish, which was long and sweet. A little longer maturation in the Sherry casks to boost the flavours would have done wonders. I will give this 84/100 (22/20/21/21).

Monday, April 22, 2019

Rock Oyster, Douglas Laing, 46,8%

Review #770
This is a blended island malt Scotch whisky, including whisky from Orkney, Arran, Jura and Islay. Light white fruits, salt and peat in the smell. A peppery touch as well, but mostly just crisp fresh white fruits.

More flavourful in the taste. Lemon, spices and salt mixes with the white fruits. The peat is sweet and seems even sweeter with the sweet white fruits. The finish is warm and vanilla mixes with the spices and the peat.

A bit under-matured for my liking. It’s fine, but I think it have much more potential. Luckily they bottled it at 46,8%, and that gives it some flavour and a nice warm finish. I will give this 81/100 (20/20/21/20).

Friday, April 19, 2019

BenRiach 17 yo (bottled 2016), Wood Finish - PX, 46%

Review #769
This is from the “Wood Finish” series, and it is finished in PX Sherry casks. Sweet dried fruits at first in the smell. Raisins, plums and vanilla. Mostly just heavy Sherry notes, but with a sweet touch.

Quite a few things happens in the taste. Burned oak, heavy dark dried fruits, hints of smoke and a bit of ashes. Also sweet, and that comes even more forward in the finish, with some more smoke hiding under the dried fruits.

Loads of flavours from the finish, and the casks from the initial maturation must have been quite burned, as it leaves quite the burned oak touch. Very delicious, and this is just good from the moment you pour, until the last flavours leaves you in the finish. I will give this 88/100 (22/22/22/22).

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

BenRiach 12 yo (bottled 2012), Heredotus Fumosus, 46%

Review #768
This is from the “Wood Finish” series, and it´s matured in American oak and then finished in PX Sherry butts. Heavy peat on the nose straight away! Vanilla sweet, but mixed with dried fruits. I really enjoy that combo!

Again the heavy peat in the taste, but it is actually quite “gentle”. Normally a heavy peated whisky at 46% will give an initial kick, but this is quite gentle and creamy. Much like the smell – sweet vanilla, heavy peat and dried fruits. The finish is long, but again, not much changes.

A great dram, but perhaps not that complex. Great for sipping in good company, but perhaps not that challenging if you are looking to pick a whisky apart. If you like Sherry cask matured peated whiskies, I don´t think you will be disappointed! I will give this 87/100 (22/22/22/21).

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Invergordon 46 yo (1966/2012), A.D. Rattray, 51,9%

Review #767
This is a single cask from the series “Individual Cask Bottling”. It comes from a Bourbon hogshead with the cask number #5, and only 228 bottles were made. Heavy on the nose. Loads of oak - even as much as the sweetness is only in the background.

Oak, oak, oak at first in the taste. Not in an overwhelming way though. The classic grain whisky sweetness is there, but very subdued to what you normally get in old grain whisky. Burned caramel and sweet raisins. The finish is loooong and the sweetness comes a bit more forward.

46 year old might seem as a strange number, but I think they knew exactly what they were doing. I think a couple of years longer in the casks would have made this all oaky and ruined the whisky. If you like well-aged cask influenced whisky - this is you. I will give this 90/100 (22/22/23/23).