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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Tamdhu 15 yo (bottled 2019), Limited Release, 46%

Review #817
This is a Limited Release by Tamdhu from 2019, limited to 24.000 bottles. It’s a 15 year old, matured in Sherry casks. Dried fruits with a sweet vanilla touch in the smell. A little dry oak goes well with the dates and raisins.

Some sugary sweetness joins the dried fruits in the taste. Quite oily mouthfeel. Just a hint of white fruits, like apples, and honey as well. The oak comes forward in the finish alongside some spices and a peppery touch.

Wow – this was better than I expected. Great balance between the dried fruits, sweetness and the oak. Even the price is good. If you like Sherry matured whiskies like I do, then you have to give this a go. I will give this 88/100 (22/22/22/22).

Friday, January 24, 2020

Laphroaig PX Cask, 48%

Review #816
This edition by edition is triple matured in ex-Bourbon, Quarter casks and last, but not least, PX Sherry casks. For a Laphroaig, it is not that “in your face” at first in the smell. After a couple of minutes, the peat and the PX Sherry heaviness starts to come forward.

This heaviness shows again in the taste. Thick Sherry influence to accompany the medicinal Laphroaig peat. Sweet vanilla comes forward in the finish with some ashes. The sweet dried fruits stays for a loooong time.

The balance is actually quite good, but I think I miss some depth... It’s mostly just peat and thick sweet PX Sherry influence. It’s still good though, and goes great with a good Pilsner. I will give this 84/100 (21/21/21/21).

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Linkwood 26 yo (1984/2011), Adelphi – Selection, 53,2%

Review #815
Another dark single cask from Adelphi, bottled from a Sherry cask with the cask number 5269. Only 216 bottles were made. A rich smell of dried fruits and ripe cherries in the smell. Oak with just a hint of vanilla in the background. One of those whiskies you could smell all night!

Heavily Sherry influenced in the taste, with tannins coming through. A long rich finish, full of dried fruits, oak spices and candied apples. Perfect transition from the initial taste to the finish!

This is just a superb quality Sherry bomb! The high strength is just perfect for this expression. Adelphi have done it once again – they must have superb access to casks! I will give this 92/100 (23/23/23/23).

Thursday, January 2, 2020

GlenDronach Peated (bottled 2015), 46%

Review #814
Peated GlenDronach from Bourbon casks, finished in Oloroso and PX Sherry casks. Sweet vanilla peat in the smell. A mix of Highland peat and the sweet vanilla Caol Ila peat. Citrus seems to be the keyword here as well.

It’s a bit more “meaty” peat in the taste. Quite delicious! But quickly, some white fruits and the citrusy notes take over. If you search very thoroughly, you will notice a hint of dried fruits in the finish. Especially in the end.

My guess – the whisky ain’t that old, and the finish in the “finest” Sherry casks wasn’t too long… If they could get that first impression of the taste (the meaty peat), and combine it with a proper GlenDronach maturation, I think we could have a winner! For now, I will give this 81/100 (19/20/21/21).

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Miltonduff 10 yo (2007/2017), Malt dé Royal, 56,6%

Review #813
This is bottled by Gleann Mór Spirits for the Golden Drops brand “Malt dé Royal. It’s from a single cask, and my best guess says ex-Bourbon. The picture on the bottle is perfect – barley, grass and hay on the nose, with a sweet touch hiding in the background. Fresh, crisp vanilla apples.

A sweet alcohol kick in the taste. Loads of vanilla to go with the fresh white fruits and grassy notes. Some caramel comes forward in the finish alongside the barley, and gives the whisky a nice extra touch. A long finish that is!

Let the whisky sit for a couple of minutes – your nose will thank you! It seems a bit young in the smell at first, but the taste seems very well balanced! The strength also makes it a bit more interesting, as it probably would have been quite generic at 40%. I will give this 84/100 (20/21/22/21).

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Ardmore 8 yo (2008/2017), The Cooper’s Choice – Port cask, 46%

Review #812
This single cask is bottled from a Port cask with the cask number 823. Only 420 bottles where made. Thick and peaty in the smell, with a twist of dry fruits. Vanilla in the end with a touch of cherries.

The peat is quite ashy in the taste. Thick is the keyword again – thick with a nice layer of dried fruits. Dates and figs. The fruits isn’t too sweet, which suits this whisky quite well. The finish is nice and long, and gets a bit sweeter. A sugary vanilla touch.

This just shows that if you have great new make spirit and a quality cask, 8 years is all you need! Apparently, a lovely Port cask, combined with the great Ardmore peated whisky, is a great combination. I will give this 87/100 (22/21/22/22).

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Fary Lochan 6 yo (2013/2019), Efterår Batch #3, 48,3%

Review #811
This is a single cask, bottled from a Oloroso hogshead. Only 525 bottles were made. Very dry in the smell. Oak and just a dash of flower water (hope there is no FWP here!).

A nice alcohol touch at first in the taste. Unfortunately a bit of an off note for me as well - that old flower water note again... The long finish is my favourite part. Dry oak, vanilla with a little tannins and dried fruits. Oh it stays...

It’s not quite my cup of tea. The finish however, drives the score up to an acceptable level. If you don’t mind that “old flower water” taste, then just go for it - many other good aspects in this whisky. I will give this 80/100 (19/20/22/19).

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Fary Lochan 6 yo (2013/2019), Virgin Cask Batch #01, 47,1%

Review #810
This is a single cask from Fary Lochan Distillery, and only 388 bottles were made. Spicy oak and some white fruits in the smell. Some fresh plums as well. Almost reminds me of a mix of Bourbon and Rye whisky.

Again, very spicy in the taste, full of apples and with some red berries underneath. Waves of vanilla comes rushing in. Oak and oak spices dominates in the finish, but with a touch of grassy notes and white fruits.

If you like virgin cask maturation, you can easily give this a try. Would go great with a cigar! With that said, it’s a fine dram, but nothing spectacular. I will give this 83/100 (21/20/21/21).