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Monday, July 17, 2017

Glenfarclas 1988 (bottled 2015), The Family Casks, 52,7%

Review #496
This is from the iconic single cask series “The Family Casks” from Glenfarclas! This is from the 2015 winter release and about 27 years old. It is from a refill Sherry butt, with the cask no. 1512, and only 599 bottles were made. Some sweet dried fruits in the smell. Not too heavy, and some fresh peaches is knocking on the door. Some honey and oak in the background as well.

Very dry at first in the taste. Then the oak comes rushing in. Tobacco, leather and coffee notes is laying in the background. The dried fruits is a bit subdued at first, but starts to come forward in the finish alongside some sweetness.

This dram is very warming. The high ABV and the leather tobacco notes sits in your throat and you feel the warmth all the way down to the stomach. It is fun to see that the cask after about 27 years have given so little fruity flavours, yet so many other dark notes. On the other hand, the dried fruits are very much present in the smell. I will give this 92/100 (23/22/23/24).

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Glenfarclas 1990 (bottled 2014), The Family Casks, 48,6%

Review #495
This is from the iconic single cask series “The Family Casks” from Glenfarclas! This is from the 2015 spring release and about 24 years old. It is from a refill Sherry butt, with the cask no. 1276, and only 535 bottles were made. This is just (almost) exactly how a whisky should smell like for me! Over ripe plums, tannins, dried fruits and dark berries. I could smell this all day long!

Much like the smell in the taste. The plums are definitely there and the tannins are tickling your tongue. It is more sweet than I expected. Some honey, vanilla from the oak and sweet raisins. It changes a bit in the finish and the oak comes more forward. The sweetness stays for quite a while with the dried fruits.

This is just sublime in the smell, taste and finish! The balance is great, and the complexity is good. This is the best dram I’ve had in quite a while! This might be a refill butt, but it has certainly done its job! May there come many more Family Casks in the future! I will rate this 95/100 (24/24/24/23).

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Knockando 18 yo Vintage 1996, 43%

Review #494
Also called ”Slow Matured” and matured in Sherry butts. Light and fruity with hints of dried fruits in the smell. After some minutes in the glass some more sweetness comes forward. Caramel drops in particular.

Dried fruits, oak, caramel and honey sweetness in the taste. Raisins and dates, but in a mild and fresh way. The dried fruits and oak works very well together. It gets a bit sweeter in the finish, and the caramel turns to more burned caramel.

It is a bit fragile, so I wouldn’t recommend too much water (if any), but the low ABV actually suits this whisky! Just a good all-rounder, with a bit sweet finish. This goes great with a cup of coffee or vanilla ice cream dessert. I will give this 84/100 (21/21/21/21).

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Glen Scotia 23 yo (1992/2015), Liquid Treasures, 53,6%

Review #493
This is from the series “Charlie – Special Edition”, and only 214 bottles were made from this Bourbon hogshead. Overripe plums, orange chocolate and oak in the smell. You can feel the high ABV but it doesn’t burn your nose.

Again, I get the plums in the taste. Almost like what you get from fresh Sherry casks. Then it turns more fresh and just a tad bitter. The ripe plums get switched with fresh apricots and apples and pineapple. Spices and oak comes forward in the finish. Black pepper as the most dominating spice.

A true Campbeltown malt. Single cask, natural colour, unchill filtered and bottled at cask strength, just as it was intended! A bit heavy and richly flavoured, yet fresh! I could sip this for a while (but then again, I love my Campbeltown malts)! Complex with a great balance. I will rate this 90/100 (22/23/22/23).

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Blair Athol 28 yo (1988/2016), Maltbarn, 49,6%

Review #492
This is no. 66 from Maltbarn and only 111 bottles were made from this Bourbon cask. When I poured this, notes of fresh fruits just filled the room. I wouldn’t have guessed it this old judging by the smell. Fresh white fruits mixed with elegant citrus notes and fresh mowed grass.

The taste is very delicate. Some citrusy notes at first with some crème brule notes, just without the overwhelming sweetness. The taste of oak is very powerful after the citrus have calmed down and mixes with some vanilla and honey in the finish. Apples is a theme all the way through!

This whisky is very complex. So many layers and different notes. It starts a bit slow in the smell, but after the citrusy notes calms down in the taste it is truly amazing. Make sure to give it some time in the glass to open, and make sure to give yourself the time to enjoy this prober! I will rate this 89/100 (21/22/23/23).

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Convalmore 1981 (bottled 1998), G&M – CC, 40%

Review #491
This is from the series Connoisseurs Choice from Gordon & MacPhail with the bottle code IH/HG. It is not heavy in the smell, but the flavours you pick up are. Oak, some dried fruits and old dusted books. Not much sweetness, but some honey and sweetness from the dried fruits is present though.

The taste is very light and quite frankly weak to be honest. Some oak, like old soaky oak, white fruits and hints of rubber in the background. The low ABV just makes is very watery very fast, and the flavours definitely suffers from this. Not much new is happening in the finish, and the flavours just fades out alongside some bitterness.

Its starts exiting and somewhat complex in the smell, but the taste and finish is just too weak to carry this whisky. The taste that is actually there have some sort of an off note, if you ask my palate. But that is probably just a matter of taste. I will give this 80/100 (21/19/20/20).

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Inverleven 1985 (bottled 1998), G&M, 40%

Review #490
This is a licensed bottling from Gordon & MacPhail with the bottle code IH/G. Light citrusy notes and beeswax in the smell. Some hay as well, and some oak in the end. Hints of fruits in the background. Plums and nectarines.

The taste reminds me of good old classic Highland whisky. Oak, lime, vanilla, honey and hay. The fruits here is more like white fruits. Some pear and peaches. The finish is long but light. The lime, vanilla and white fruits are more noticeable here.

This is a fine dram, and perfect for a sunny day in the garden. It is a bit close to being a bit boring though. I bit higher ABV would have made it more flavourful and interesting. I will give this 83/100 (20/21/21/21).