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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Peat, Elements of Islay, 45%

Review #563
This is a blended malt in from the series “Elements of Islay”. It is the “little brother” to the full proof edition that sits at 59,3%. Fresh peat in the smell. Fresh cut grass, some apples and pears, vanilla and hints of lemongrass, but mostly just young fresh peat…

Classic Islay character in the taste. Lots of peat, a dash of salt, some white fruits and hints of burned oak. Some spices, like black pepper, comes forward in the finish and mixes with some sweetness. Mostly burned caramel.

This is fairly peated, but very easy going. It is not very complex, but it ain´t supposed to be. So if you are in the mood for an uncomplicated Islay dram, this could be a fine choice. It holds 45% so it packs some more flavours than those watered all the way down to 40. I will give this 83/100 (20/22/21/20).

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Aberfeldy 12 yo, 40%

Review #562
Aberfeldy is the heart in Dewar’s blended whiskies, but they also make some great single malt. This is the classic 12 year old. Malted barley, light grass and citrusy notes in the smell. Some vanilla, oak and hints of honey as well.

Classic Highland whisky in the taste, yet a bit more sweet. Again I get the citrusy and grassy notes, but very fast it turns very sweet. It stays till the bitter end in the finish.  Creamy dessert-like vanilla and honey sweetness.

This is very easy drinking, and the sweetness combined with the low ABV could make this a great suggestion for beginners who wants to explore the Highland region. I will give this 82/100 (20/20/22/20).

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Speyside Authentic 7 yo, Chapter 7, 46%

Review #561
This is from the series “A Whisky Anthology” and is from an unknown Speyside distillery, and it is a vatting of two Bourbon hogsheads. 1110 bottles were made, and this was bottle #135. Young, malty and citrusy in the smell. Some green apples and notes of pineapple as well. Young but fresh.

Some vanilla sweetness comes forward in the taste alongside a little bite from the alcohol. Otherwise it is mainly white fruits dominating the palate. The finish is medium to long with hints of burned sugar joining the vanilla.

A bit too young in my opinion. It is like it haven’t really got to know the cask yet. Well, we are all different, and I have served this for several friends and many of those finds it very refreshing. I will give this 79/100 (19/20/20/20).

Monday, November 13, 2017

Bunnahabhain, Ceòbanach Batch 01, 46,3%

Review #560
Ceòbanach, which means ”Smoky Mist”, reflects the origin of Bunnahabhain - Ex-Bourbon cask maturation and heavily peated. Peat, vanilla and seaweed in the smell. Oak, fresh crisp green apples and just a hint of salt.

The peat really comes forward in the taste. Almost all-dominating! Oak and black pepper – again with a salty touch. The black pepper comes even more forward in the finish alongside some light citrusy notes and vanilla.

What a peppery-peated dram! Almost a bit too peppery. Some minutes in the glass opens it up a bit though, and it feels like you are taking a stroll down the harbor at Bunnahabhain Distillery. I will give this 84/100 (21/22/21/20).

Friday, November 10, 2017

Tullibardine 500, Sherry Finish, 43%

Review #559
This expression was introduced in 2013. It is called “500” as it has matured for a final period in 500 litre Pedro Ximenez Sherry butts. Sweet light dates, vanilla and honey at first in the smell. Sweet raisins and fresh apricots.

The Sherry maturation is more noticeable in the taste. Again, it is dates, but the sweetness is very present as well. Honey and fruity sweetness. Some oak comes forward in the finish with toffee and that sweet raisin you often get from Sherry maturation.

I think it is a quite fair finish. Many finishes are very short, but in this, it seems like the whisky has extracted the flavours you want from a PX Sherry cask. It is very easy drinking, and would probably go great as a whisky for beginners. Well, I enjoyed it very much as well! I will give this 85/100 (21/22/21/21).

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Port Charlotte 12 yo (2004/2017), Highland Laird, 57,3%

Review #558
This is from the series Highland Laird from Bartels. It is from a Bourbon Barrel with the cask number #900 and only 225 bottles were made. Peat, dust and ashes in the smell. Some vanilla, bitter dry oak, hay and honey in the background.

Marzipan sweetness and peat in the taste. Great amount of oak and some white fruits is noticeable in the background. Mainly some coconut and sweet pears. Some burned oak and burned caramel to accompany the peat in the finish.

A great powerful peated single cask, but actually it isn’t too powerful even though it is almost 60%. Therefor you can drink it neat, or if you want to play with water, there is plenty of room for that. I will give this 86/100 (21/22/22/21).

Monday, November 6, 2017

Glen Elgin 22 yo (1995/2017), Maltbarn, 53,5%

Review #557
This is single cask no. 76 from Maltbarn. It is from an ex-Bourbon cask and only 148 bottles were made. Sweet and floral in the smell. After some minutes in the glass, oak and sweet pears becomes dominant.

Very sharp at first in the taste. Then the oak and sweetness comes forward. Sugary sweetness that continues to the finish. Some baked apples, vanilla and white fruits in general comes to mind. The amount of oak is very suitable for the dram.

A very strong and sharp dram, but also very smooth and sweet. Some water does wonders, so don´t be shy! It calms it down and full focus is now on the flavours. I will give this 86/100 (21/21/22/22).