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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Glenfarclas 105, 10 yo 60 %

Review #3
What a sherry bomb!! The high ABV is quite clearly, but after a couple of minutes in the glass, it wears a bit off. A bit of fresh fruits mixes with the dried. Pears, apples and some fresh barley let me know that it is a young whisky.

The taste is even more overwhelming with sherry. Loads of dried fruits, tannins, hazelnut and dark chocolate. There is no big change in the finish. Just a nice long continuation of the taste, which leaves me in a state where I am wishing that it was snowing outside and the fireplace was burning.

A bit of water opens up the whisky with more fruity notes in the nose, and the ABV keeps getting less and less notable. In the taste some pepper notes comes to mind. I love that they have made this 10 year old whisky cask strength. In one whisky you now get several impressions, depending on the time you leave it in the glass and on how much water you use.

This is a great whisky for the sherry loving audience! I’ll give this 88/100 (21/23/22/22)

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