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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Milford 10 yo, 43 %

Review #5
The traditions are from Scottish immigrants from the early 19th century. The water comes from the snow-topped mountains Darren Alps where it flows through granite and down through ancient rainforests. The barley comes from the Canterbury Plains, and the barrels lies exposed to the sea breeze that surround the island. It was a great sales pitch, but will the whisky live up to the fine words?

The aroma is heavy and a bit salty. A bit like Talisker, when there barrels are facing the sea, but without the peaty aroma. I feel, however, some grass or heather in the glass, perhaps from water movement through the rainforest. Will be interesting to taste if there is any kind of peat / smoke in this one.

The taste is very powerful in the taste, for a 10 year old bottling at 43%. After a few minutes in the glass it opens up. Dry taste with plenty of spices and lightly toasted oak. The finish is very comfortable with the warmth and the spices that lingers long. Nice touch of a whisky at 43%.

It is fairly complex for a 10 year old standard bottling. However, the balance is not the best as it fluctuates somewhat between aroma, taste and finish. I give it, however, 81/100 (21/19/21/20).

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