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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Glenlivet Founders Reserve, 40 %

Review #239
It is time to test the new release from The Glenlivet, Founders Reserve. It is a NAS whisky that will, in some parts of the world, replace the 12 year old. So when I am reviewing this, I have of course a dram of the 12 year old in another glass. Lots of marzipan, but it smells very young. Sweet malt and not much else.

Some sweet notes with malt in the taste. The Taste is far better than the smell. Not great, but better. The finish die rather fast due to the young content and low ABV. Some grass and hay comes forward in the end, but again, not much is going on.

If I should guess how old the whisky is in this one, my guess would be closer to 3 years than 12. Not much is going on, and the things that is actually going on, is close to new make. And I have had better new make. I will give this 73/100 (17/19/18/19).

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