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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Glenturret, Triple Wood Edition, 43 %

Review #247
This is from the new range from Glenturret and this bottle is from batch number 1. Another distillery to go from age statement to no age statement and the first thing I notice in the smell is that it is young. Very malty and the wood notes are very faint. Some vanilla and citrus notes are coming through.

Rough notes at first in the taste. It is still very malty and even though it is called triple wood, not much wood is getting through. The finish is medium length and got the vanilla and some citrus notes. Not much else is going on.

A unchallenging and way too young and boring whisky for my taste. I wouldn’t have called this Triple Wood as the notes from the wood isn’t very dominant. I will give this 76/100 (19/18/19/20).

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