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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bunnahabhain 40 yo (1975/2015), DL-XOP, 51 %

Review #281
From the series Xtra Old Particular from Douglas Laing comes this Bunnahabhain from a refill butt. It is cask number DL 10704 and only 258 bottles were made. The smell is so soft! Some sweet seaweed if you can imagine. Caramelized sugar on fresh baked bread.

It is very salty, light citrusy, lightly peated and just full of flavors in the taste. The 51 % really does its magic in the finish. The oak really comes forward and starts to dominate.

Let it breathe and play with water, and you will have a whisky that keeps giving and giving. I notice new things every sniff and every sip. The price tag is a bit high though, but pass the 40 years on Islay whiskies, and they will all be up there… I will give this 89/100 (22/21/22/24).

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