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Monday, March 6, 2017

The English Whisky Co, 2009 Chapter 14 (5 yo), 58,8 %

Review #420
This is not peated, and is a mix of cask #450, 451, 452 & 453. Distilled February 2009 and bottled May 2014. This is bottle #233 out of 299. Sweet apples and ripe pears in the smell. Like young sweet peated whisky, just without the peat. Vanilla and malted barley. The high ABV doesnt show at first, but after some minutes in the glass, the alcohol shows.

Very strong at first in the taste. Like VERY strong! Again the white fruits are dominant with some light citrus notes in the background. The finish is long, but not much happens. Just the same, but with some sweetness that lingers.

This is just too young... The fact that this is cask strength saves it a bit. At 40 %, this would have been so boring that I probably would have been fallen asleep while drinking it... Conclusion - too young with too little cask influence. I will give this 81/100 (19/20/22/20).

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