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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Speyburn Bradan Orach, 40 %

Review #446
Bradan Orach is Gaelic and means Golden Salmon. Reportedly River Spey should be a great place for salmon fishing. Initial thoughts when I smelled this was “is this new make spirit?”. After a little time in the glass, some flavours starts to unfold. Malt, green apples and a light citrusy touch on the nose. A little honey as well, but that’s it…

Not as “new makey” in the taste, but it still feels very young. Some light vanilla joins the party, but else, it is pretty much the same as in the smell… The finish is actually medium long, but nothing new happens. The vanilla gets a touch more noticeable though.

I still think I have a really good idea about what Speyburn´s new make spirit is like! It doesn’t hurt anyone though… This must be meant for mixing, and I actually could imagine it to be good in a drink or cocktail. Well, this is judged by tasting it neat so here we go. I will give this 72/100 (18/18/19/17).

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