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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare 10 yo, 45%

Review #464
This 10 year old whisky from Buffalo Trace is called Eagle “Rare”. Yet it can be bought basically everywhere… The nose is sweet and full of the classic Bourbon notes. Oak, spices, vanilla and honey sweetness. Some dark chocolate and coffee in the background as well.

Very sharp at first in the taste. Then the toasted oak and wood spices comes rushing in. Lots of caramel in the finish. Medium length, and quite warm all the way. I can´t help to notice some off notes all the way through… From smell to finish… Some floral notes… Lavender water perhaps. Almost like FWP!!

Some say that this is a perfect example of a classic Bourbon, and a bargain at the price. I really don’t agree with any of those statements… Classic Bourbon, yes, but I could easily find examples I find more suitable for this label. The same goes for the price. I will give this 80/100 (20/19/21/20).

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