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Monday, May 15, 2017

Buffalo Trace, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 40%

Review #458
A classic amongst Bourbons, and probably the best all-rounder at the price, some might say. Let’s see if I agree! The nose is very mild. Vanilla, burned oak and some spices. Some citrusy notes lies in the background.

Very classic in the taste. Vanilla, burned oak and caramel sweetness. Hints of sweet dried fruits like raisins as well. The finish is short and a bit weak due to the low ABV. Some leather, coffee and sweet chocolate comes to mind though.

It is a fine dram, but I wouldn’t call it the best all-rounder at the price. A good introduction for people who don’t drink Bourbon I could imagine. But then again, why not serve them something a bit better, so you’re making sure they will get addicted to the stuff? I will give this 78/100 (19/20/19/20).

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