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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Johnnie Walker, Red Rye Finish, 40 %

Review #450
This is batch no 1 from the Blenders’ Batch series. It has aged in first fill Bourbon casks and finished in up to six months in Rye casks. It is including grain whisky from the closed distillery Port Dundas. The smell is full of flavours! Red fruits, spices, vanilla and pear sweetness.

The taste is actually quite flavourful as well… You can really sense the vanilla sweetness from the first fill Bourbon casks and the spices from the Rye casks. Great mix! The finish is a bit weak… It is not a long lasting intense finish, but I didn’t expect a Johnnie Walker at 40 % to be…

I would love to try this at cask strength! At 40 %, it just isn’t showing its full potential! I really think the dear Johnnie is on to something here! In Denmark it goes for £13, so for the price it is great! I will give this 84/100 (22/21/20/21).

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