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Monday, May 1, 2017

Miltonduff 21 yo (1995/2016), The Single Cask, 45,8%

Review #448
This is from a Bourbon cask with the number 2594. Only 248 bottles were made. The smell is soft and slightly floral. Some lemon sorbet and vanilla is mixing in. The sour and the sweet compliment each other with a touch of oak influence.

The alcohol comes in with a great burn at first in the taste. Then the flavours starts rushing in. Again the sour touch of lemons, limes and a touch of oranges, but this time the oak influence is more present. The finish is just a mix of all the before mentioned things. Some grass or hay comes to mind though.

Starts a bit slow, but it really picks it up! It’s a dram that just keeps getting better and better the more you focus. It is below 46%, but still it carries a lot of flavour and have a finish with a fair length. I will give this 85/100 (20/21/22/22).

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