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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Imperial 21 yo (1982/2004), Chieftains Choice, 46%

Review #473
So this single cask from Ian Macleod is from a Fino Sherry cask with the cask number 3710. Only 864 bottles were made. The smell is very light on the nose, and I am actually not picking up much to begin with… After a couple of minutes in the glass and the temperature has raised a bit, some marzipan and sweet white fruits comes forward.

The oak and sweetness is the first that comes to mind in the taste. Dry wood. It that almost dries your mouth out. But then some sweet white fruits joins in, in the finish. Dessert like pears, vanilla fudge and some nuts and marzipan.

This is funny balanced. First a very delicate and weak smell. Second a very dry and oaky taste, followed by a very sweet finish! Many of these things are typical to Fino Sherry casks, it is just an odd balance. I will give this 84/100 (19/21/22/22).

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