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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kikori Whiskey, 41%

Review #478
This is for the American market, and is probably why they spelled whiskey with an ’E’. It is made entirely from rice and aged for three years in a combination of American-, French- and ex-Sherry oak. It is very light on the nose with white fruits like apples, pears and honeydew melon. Hard to find much more as it is very light!

A bit more happens in the taste. Very clean, like grain whisky as we know it, but here stops the comparison to normal grain whisky. Grapes, like Slivovitz, just without the burn. The finish is medium long, but uncomplicated and to be honest, a bit boring.

It couldn’t be called whisky in Scotland, and thank god for that! Let rice be for Sake. Still, it is fun to try something that is made different from how it is done in Scotland. I will give this 67/100 (18/16/16/17).

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