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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Teeling 24 yo Vintage Reserve Collection, 46%

Review #587
Matured in Bourbon casks before it is finished in Sauternes wine barrels. 5.000 bottles were made. Sour grapes is the first I notice in the smell. Then some sweet clementines and some old wet wood (if that makes any sense). A bit strange at first, but let it breath to settle.

Some floral notes and bubblegum in the taste. Honey sweetness and hints of oak. I really don´t know what this whiskey is trying to tell me… Some burned caramel and flower water in the finish. Almost like FWP, just without the lavender.

I am not sure what it is, but this is just off for me. There are some notes in there, in the smell, the taste and in the finish, that is just… off… And the balance is just way off as well… No consistency… I don´t know if it is just me, so don´t be afraid to try it for yourself! I will give this 73/100 (19/18/18/18).

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