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Friday, December 22, 2017

The Quiet Man Blend, 40%

Review #585
”Superior Irish Whiskey Blend”, it boldly states on the bottle. It is finished in first-fill Bourbon barrels. It is very light in the smell, but being an Irish blend at 40%, it was pretty much expected… Loads of vanilla, a little honey and white fruits.

Creamy milk chocolate and waves of vanilla in the taste. Some barley, and actually a little alcohol bite (in a good way). Honey and biscuits (Digestive-like). The finish is medium long and the vanilla pleasantly, nice and easy, dies off.

It is actually a little rough on the nose (alcohol-wise). Else than that, it is very pleasant and actually quite flavourful considering the low ABV. Seems like the first-fill Bourbon barrels does a good job. I do miss some complexity though… I will give this 80/100 (19/20/21/20).

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