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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ardbeg Galileo (1999), 49%

Review #595
This is the Ardbeg release from 2012. It is from casks from 1999, some of them are ex Marsala. It is celebrating the experiment where some Ardbeg was sent into space to watch maturation in zero gravity. Sweet creamy vanilla in the smell. It is like the sweetness and fruity notes subdues the peat. Orange peel and light honey.

Aaaand here comes the peat. Not excessively though. Sweet fruits like peaches and dried apricots in the taste. The sweetness sits in the mouth for a long time in the finish, and mixes beautifully with the peat. Some honey and hints of white fruits.

If you like your Ardbeg sweet, then this is the dram for you! The heavy Ardbeg characteristic is, not gone, but very subdued, due to the sweet Marsala casks. A different, but wonderful Ardbeg! I will give this 90/100 (22/23/23/22).

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