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Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Gauldrons, Douglas Laing, 46,2%

Review #642
This is a small batch Campbeltown blended malt from the series “Remarkable Regional Malts” from Douglas Laing. The Gauldrons means “bay of storms”. Loads of marzipan on the nose. Honey, light white fruits and hints of oak and vanilla.

Overly sweet, with alcohol and hints of citrus in the taste. Some tropical fruits, but nothing too dominating. The oak and vanilla comes forward again in the finish. The finish is not very long though…

It is nothing too exiting to be honest. A bit youngish and too citrusy. A fair dram, but to be honest, I would go for so many other things in this price range. Especially from Campbeltown! I will give this 81/100 (20/20/21/20).

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