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Thursday, October 23, 2014

BenRiach 20 yo, 43 %

Review #18
The BenRiach 20 year old, is a well awarded whisky. The smell is reminding me a lot of the 16 year old. Fresh fruit and a lot of floral notes. Sweet, but not nauseating sweetness. More like natural sweetness from the oak, with hints of almond and walnuts.

The taste offers a mixture of spices, creamy toffee, vanilla and dried fruits. The finish lies nice in the mouth, but with only 43 % the finish aren’t too long, and that is a shame, because I think that it would tremendous with a bit higher ABV, so the finish could carry on a bit longer. I like the taste, so why not let it linger!

With that said, it is still a very great whisky. A real big brother to the 16 year old! Again the price is reasonable for a 20 year old whisky, and that is always a plus. Not for the points though, where I give it 87/100 (21/22/22/22).

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