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Sunday, October 12, 2014

BenRiach Heart of Speyside, 40 %

Review #9
Football in the TV, popcorn and cold beer on the table, but let’s start off with a whisky! This time from the Benriach Distillery. It is the Heart of Speyside, which is made from different 4 to 15 years old whiskies, where one of them is peated. If you listen to the sales pitches, then this should make it very complex. Well, let’s try it.

The nose is sweet, like marzipan and a bit of honey, fresh grass like if you were mowing the lawn, and a hint of peat. The taste is quite like the smell even though the smell is a bit better. It carries on to the finish, and I still don’t think that it lives up to the smell.

It started good, but went downhill from there. Like a sunny day you go for a walk in the forest, and then it starts to rain. Still nice and fresh, but let’s face it, it would have been better without the rain! It is still a very fine whisky though. I give this 81/100 (21/20/20/20).

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