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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bushmills Original, 40 %

Review #24
The no age statement Bushmills Irish Whiskey, also known as White Bush, is not the best whiskey, but I think that it is very educational.  For the people that haven’t tried to taste “Spirit”, I would recommend to try this. This is the whisk(e)y I have tried that come closest to “Spirit”. The smell is very young and malty, some vanilla and very light fruit.

The taste is very clean, some honey and not much else and the finish is over before you know it. The balance is okay, but the complexity isn’t something that I will write long blogs about. Like watching a Steven Seagal movie when you have a hangover.

It is not a whisky that I will come back to, if I want to drink a whiskey neat. But it is excellent in an Irish Coffee. I will give this whiskey 72/100 (19/18/17/18).

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