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Friday, January 16, 2015

Aberfeldy 12 yo (1999/2011), Aberdeen Distillers, 46 %

Aberdeen Distillers is a range from Blackadder. All without chill filtration and caramel colouring and bottled at 46 % (the first series was bottled at 43 % though). This is one out of 180 bottles and the smell is full of citrus and with hints of vanilla.

The taste is smooth and powerful. For a 12 year old a think that the woods influence is great. At the end you get some more citrus and honey. Nice chewy finish. I could have wished that it lasted a little longer, but on the other hand I am just glad that they didn't watered it down to 43 % like the first series (or even all the way down to 40 %).

Both the balance and the complexity is classic for what you get from a whisky matured in bourbon barrels. Try it with some water. I don’t think that it makes it better, but a bit different. I give this 84/100 (21/22/21/20).

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