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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Aberlour 10, 40 %

A very powerful smell considering that it is only 40 %. A lot of sherry notes like raisins, dates and plumes. It feels very heavy.

The taste is a bit lighter and suffering from being watered down to 40 %. Again the dark fruit notes, but also some toasted oak and slight sweetness. The finish is very dry but still mouthwatering. Hard to explain.

It is well balanced but a bit predictable, and when the complexity isn’t that challenging it is a bit sad. I would love if they made this at 43 or 46 %. That would help the palate and the finish so much. When that is said, it is still a very good 10 year old whisky! I will rate this 85/100 (22/21/21/21).

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