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Monday, November 9, 2015

Glenfiddich Select Cask, 40 %

Review #204
This is made for the travel retail market. As the name indicates, it is a selection of different casks. They have selected bourbon, European oak and red wine casks and then married them in a solera vat. Nice fruity flavors arrives on the nose. I don’t think that the bourbon casks are very dominating here, and the wine casks are giving it a nice touch (and normally I don’t like red wine cask matured whisky!).

Some different things going on here in the taste. A mix of fruit and spices. Some oak comes forward in the finish, but it dies a bit fast. Some fruits like plums and raisins stays for a while, but barely noticeable.

Unfortunately, it is watered all the way down to 40 %, which just weakens it all over. The balance between the different casks is actually quite good, and the complexity is fine. A lot of different things going on, but as I said, every time something is starting, it is over before you notice it. I will give this 82/100 (21/21/20/20).

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