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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Radermacher 10 yo, Lambertus Single Grain, 40 %

Review #222
This has been matured in bourbon casks. The smell is overwhelmingly sweet at first. Almost like a dessert wine. After some minutes when the whisky/sweetness calms down, the classic grain notes starts to come forward, alongside some vanilla and oaky notes.

The taste is much more the classical grain whisky style. Light and sweet with wood and sugary sweetness. A little funny thing is that it is opposite the smell. Here the sweetness comes forward in the finish. It stays for a while, but not very much taste though. Just some sweet notes…

I think there is quite a way to the very good grain whiskies out there. It is very simple, and probably perfect for blending, but on its own, it is struggling. I will give this 72/100 (18/17/18/19).

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