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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Bertrand, Uberach Alsace Whisky Single Cask, 43,8 %

Review #223
This is from cask #0123 and is matured in ex Banyuls casks, which is sweet wine barrels. This doesn’t smell like classic whisky, and definitely not Single Malt. The cask influence makes the whisky smell like a mixture of Brandy and Metaxa.

After I have tasted it, I am now sure that I would never have guessed that it is a whisky! Some fruity notes in the taste like plums and raisins. Kind of decayed though. Some of the oaky notes is somewhat off as well… The finish is a little better with some of the sweetness from the fruits coming through, but there is still something off about it.

I simply don’t like this one, and I think it is far away from the normal single malt out there. It is like there is distilled grapes in it with a bitter finish. I will give this 64/100 (16/15/16/17).

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