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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Balblair 90 (1990/2014), 2nd Release, 46 %

Review #271
This is a mix of American bourbon and Spanish ex-Sherry casks. It is unchill-filtered and natural colour, which is good as the colour is very beautiful! The smell is fruity, but with the many years in the casks, it is the oak, coffee and bitter dark chocolate that is dominating. Let it breathe for a couple of minutes in the glass.

The taste is powerful and full of oak and tannins. Lovely they kept it at 46 %. Just as powerful as the taste was, as soft is the finish. Not that the flavors disappear, it just changes from the dried fruits and oak to the lovely sweetness from the fruits. The finish is almost like a dessert wine.

Another fantastic dram from Balblair. Good balance all the way through, and you get both the powerful and the sweet stuff from the sherry influence. Definitely recommendable and another proof of the capability that Balblair shows to put together these vintage batches. I will rate this 91/100 (23/22/23/23).

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