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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Benromach 5 yo (bottled 2014), 40 %

Review #275
All the other distilleries are making NAS whiskies, but Benromach don’t care and just slaps a young age statement on this bottle. 5 years old (or young)! Thumbs up for that! The smell is fresh, light citrusy with hints of marzipan, grass and peat.

Lots of alcohol at first in the taste. It seems very young. Grass, apples and some vanilla. The finish is a lot better! The alcohol calms down and the light white fruity flavors come forward, plus some nutty notes with marzipan sweetness, and stays for quite a while.

With a bit of water in the garden on a hot summer day, this would probably do the trick. There are just many whiskies out there that would do the trick a lot better… This would probably be great in drinks and cocktails though. Still I will give this 79/100 (20/19/21/19).

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