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Monday, June 6, 2016

Macduff 37 yo (1969/2006), DT Rare Auld, 54,9 %

Review #297
From the Duncan Taylor series "Rare Auld". It has casknumber 3680 and only 197 bottles were made. The nose is insanely sweet with a sharp edge of alcohol. After a couple of minutes the alcohol calms down and the flavors starts to flow out. Crème Brule and some gentle oak. Not overwhelming at all as you might suspect after 37 years.

Some very heavy oaky notes at first in the taste. It kind of overwhelms the experience for me a bit. The finish is busy though! Mint, dark chocolate, sugar canes and… More oak, but much more subtle. You can definitely find a lot of flavors in the finish, but the gets hidden more and more by the oak for each sip I take…

It is fun to see how the 37 years of oak influence peaks in the middle (in the taste between the smell and the finish). With this high ABV you can easily add water, but for me, it doesn’t take away, or calms down, the strong oaky notes in the taste. I will rate this 85/100 (22/19/22/22).

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