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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Säntis Malt, Edition Säntis, 40 %

Review #300
It is from the series Swiss Highlander and comes from Old Oak Beer Casks. The smell is quite strange… Elderflower and I swear I can smell the hops! I get some chemical stuff as well, cleaners of some sort, with some sweetness all the way in the background.

The taste is the best thing about this whisky. The chemical stuff is almost gone, and some oak influence, spices and burned caramel comes forward. The finish starts fine, but at 40 % it just dies rather quickly. Just a bit higher ABV and the finish would have been the best thing about this.

I am a fan of beer matured in whisky casks, not the other way around… This is just too strange for me, and a bit too far away from what I recognize as whisky. Too bad as the Swiss can make some great whisky! I will give this 74/100 (17/20/19/18).

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