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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Balvenie 17 yo (bottled 2006), New Wood, 40 %

Review #325
This limited release is from a batch of 79 casks, and is finished for 4 month in virgin American oak. The finish definitely did its work! The smell is very oaky, so I would recommend you give it a couple of minutes in the glass to calm down. Some more vanilla and honey comes forward, but unfortunately, it is still a bit too oaky for me.

The taste is very watery even for 40 %. Again the oak is very dominant and doesn’t let much other through to your palate. The finish is short but some spices comes forward. The vanilla and honey is hiding in the background all the way through.

First, it is a bit too oaky for me all the way through. Second, the low ABV just makes it too watery. Actually if I should have guessed an ABV, it would have beenbelow 40. New Wood? More like “Oaky Water”. I will give this 78/100 (20/20/19/19).

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