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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jameson Crested, 40 %

Review #355
This is the new Crested that has taken over for the Crested Ten. The look has also been updated. Definitely sherry influenced in the smell, but not in the way that it is overpowering. Just a wee nice touch. Typical grain sweetness and fruits, but also a bit of alcohol off notes.

Again light fruity, grainy and classical Irish in the taste. Short finish, but what stays behind is quite nice. Very much like the sweetness you get from new make spirit and young grain whisky. But all in all it is a bit watery at 40 % and seems quite young.

Not much oak influence and no tannins at all in this. That tells me that the amount of sherry casks in this is limited, or that the casks they used are quite used indeed. At the price I can find better, but on sale it is worth a go. I will rate this 79/100 (19/21/19/20).

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