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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Longmorn 10 yo (1995/2006), CWC, 51,5 %

Review #359
This Longmorn has a Claret wine cask finish. Only 280 bottles were made. Very sweet and fresh in the smell. Some orange with just a hint of raisins and chocolate. It actually changes quite a lot from sniff to sniff and I keep getting new things. Be careful getting to close though!

Surprisingly sweet and gentle. Very sweet like a dessert, yet very fresh in the taste. For a 10 year old, and for a finish only, this is full of flavors and sweetness. The wood influence comes more forward in the finish accompanied with sugar.

A very funny Longmorn. I really love the Longmorns from Sherry and Port casks, but this is great as well. They have gotten so much taste out of a relatively young whisky, and the finish in Claret wine casks is just a great touch. I will give this 87/100 (21/22/22/22).


  1. I just bought the 16 YO when I heard it would be no longer. I wonder if I should get an extra one or two. I've never heard of CWC - wish I could get more indies down here or in Canada.

  2. Always good to get a couple of extra bottles if something you like gets discontinued :-)

    Sounds too bad with the Indies... Some of the best experiences comes from these!