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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Longmorn 20 yo (1992), SMWS 7.81, 53,4 %

Review #378
This whisky is called “The Dessert Menu” and comes from a refill hogshead. Only 184 bottles were made. Not much dessert about this at first in the smell. Then all of a sudden flavours starts to rush in. Oranges, clementine’s, pastry, marzipan and sweet oak (is that a thing?).

The taste is so compact and within a second the oils have filled your mouth. The sweetness here is essential, but also spices plays a part. The finish is warm, long and is truly a dessert! The oils almost feel and taste like melted honey.

Longmorn is good, and this is just from an excellent cask! Well chosen SMWS! The nose, palate and finish is just complimenting each other perfectly . If you enjoy sweet whiskies, this is for you! I will rate this 90/100 (22/22/23/23).

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