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Friday, January 20, 2017

Oban DE (1998/2013), 43 %

Review #394
This is finished in Montilla Fino casks and have the bottle code OD 162.FX. The smell is sweet with some elegant oak influence lying in the background. Some sweet dried fruits join the party after you have had the glass in your hand for a minute. Nothing heavy though.

Sweet dried fruits, oak and hints of coffee in the taste. The finish is very sweet with hints of chocolate with raisins. Some saltiness lies in the background all the way through. Even though it is only 43 %, the finish is still nice, warm and long.

Another Distillers Edition I like. The Distillers Editions within the same distillery is very much alike though. Not much separates them. Be careful with water. The 43 % suits the whisky, and you risk drowning it very easily. I will rate this 87/100 (21/22/22/22).

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