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Friday, March 3, 2017

Eddu Silver, 40 %

Review #417
Made of 100 % buckwheat. It reminds me of something completely different than whisky. Well, in Scotland it technically wouldn’t be Scotch whisky, as there have to be some malt in the mix. I get apples, yet darker fruits, and grapes in the smell. No sweetness though.

Very weird in the taste as well. Grapes and white fruits. Just like the smell. First I get overly ripe grapes (almost fermented). The sweetness comes in the finish, but just a sugary sweetness. Burned sugar.

In my opinion this has not much to do with whisky. Taste like a mix of Calvados and Brandy. I have never tasted something 100 % buckwheat though, so that was fun! I will give this 65/100 (17/16/15/17).

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