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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Port Ellen (1982/2010), G&M – CC, 43%

Review #455
This is from the series “Connoisseurs Choice” from Gordon & MacPhail and comes from a refill Sherry butt. Sweet peat is the first thing that hits my nose. Nothing overwhelming, just nice and subdued sweet peat. Not much Sherry influence though… More like vanilla, pears and dried bananas.

The peat is dry and some sweet ashes (!?) mixes in, in the taste. The peat is a bit more present here, but fades quite fast in the finish. Some oak, hints of dates and plums also joins the party. I would have loved if this wasn’t such used casks. If the Sherry notes had been more present, this would have been great!

It is a very pleasant dram, but the low ABV makes it all over quite fast, and that is a shame with a fine whisky. It seems a bit simple, and maybe also a higher ABV could do something about this, but I am not quite sure. I will give this 85/100 (21/23/21/20).

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