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Friday, September 8, 2017

North British 26 yo (1991/2017), Whiskybroker, 51,1%

Review #530
This is from a refill Bourbon barrel with the cask number 200311. Only 206 bottles were made. Sweet marshmallows and burned caramel in the smell. The alcohol is not as noticeable as the high ABV might would suggest. Some light oak and candy as well.

A light alcohol kick and sweetness at first in the taste. Some floral notes as well, like lavender. Then some oak and light wood spices. Especially the spices lingers off in the finish and is accompanied by sweet vanilla and honey.

A fine dram, but the floral notes is a bit misplaced in my opinion. This is just a matter of preference, so if you enjoy the floral notes like lavender, then go for it. Otherwise it is a classic old grain whisky, with loads of sweetness and great oak influence. I will give this 82/100 (21/20/21/20).

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