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Monday, September 4, 2017

Spirit of Hven, Tycho’s Star, 41,8%

Review #526
From the little Island Hven in Sweden, comes this single malt whisky. It is named after Tycho Brahe and the supernova he discovered in 1572. Light sweet vanilla-peat is the first thing that hits my nose. Then some citrus and honey.

Again, the sweet peat is the first thing I notice in the taste. The citrusy notes is a bit more calm here, and reminds me most of lemongrass. Apples. Crisp apples! The finish gets a bit ‘darker’. Some oak and fruits comes forward.

It seems a bit young, but that doesn’t work against this whisky. A bit simple perhaps, but very flavourful. Especially in the taste and finish. Normally Spirit of Hven bottlew their whiskies at a bit higher strength, and that would have suited this whisky as well. I will give this 82/100 (20/21/21/20).

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