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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Epicurean, Douglas Laing, 46,2%

Review #527
This is a Lowland Blended Malt. At first sniff, I had to go back to the bottle to check if it really was whisky! Reminds me a bit of distilled beer in the smell. Then some citrusy and floral notes starts coming forward. A very light dram. Just a touch of marzipan sweetness in the end.

More sweet in the taste, with a great little alcohol bite to it. Still very light though. The citrusy and floral notes is still what´s dominating the finish. Some white fruits coming forward in the finish with a little sugary touch.

I didn’t care much for smell, but that’s a personal preference. The floral notes dominates a bit too much in my opinion, and overall I find it a bit too light. If you enjoy the characteristics from the Lowland malts x2, then go for it. I will give this 79/100 (18/19/20/21).

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