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Friday, March 30, 2018

Balvenie TUN 1401 - Batch 8, 50,2%

Review #631
A marriage of the finest and rarest casks from Balvenie, with only 2.700 bottles released in this batch no. 8. It is a vatting of 9 American and 3 European oak casks. Thick on oak and Sherry notes in the smell. Red fruity tea and hints of leather.

A lot of tobacco is coming forward in the taste. Leather and dried fruits. The oak is there, but subtle. The dried fruits is dominant in the finish, yet some red berries and some syrupy flavours comes through. Long, warm and flavourful!

Old, elegant and full of flavours. I really love the mix of the Sherry flavours combined with the American oak, and even though it is 75% American oak, it is a heavy Sherry dram up there with the likes of Glenfarclas “The Family Casks”. I will give this 92/100 (23/23/23/23).

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