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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ledaig 22 yo (1993/2015), Authentic Collection, 54,3%

Review #656
From Cadenhead´s comes this single cask from a Bourbon hogshead bottled at cask strength. Only 252 bottles were made. Sweet and salty at first in the smell. Vanilla ice cream and biscuits. A little peat and oak mixes with the salt.

The peat comes forward in the taste alongside some maritime notes. The oak is more noticeable as well. Another sip and now some floral notes appear. The vanilla, salty vanilla, is back in the finish with the floral notes dying out.

For a 22 year old, it is not very delicate, and I say that in the most positive way. Not that I don’t like old delicate whiskies, but it just suits this whisky not to be! I will give this 88/100 (22/22/22/22).

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