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Friday, June 1, 2018

Ardbeg Young Uigeadail (Oogling), 59,9%

Review #657
This is a Committee Reserve from 2006.  It is made from 3 Bourbon hogsheads and 1 Sherry butt. Ashy vanilla peat in the smell. Some smoked fish with a touch of dried fruits. I know it sounds strange, but I quite like it.

A bombardment of the classic meaty Ardbeg character and peat in the taste. Salty with raisins and some oak spices. It gets even better in the finish, where some sweet sugary and fruity notes mixes with the meaty peat.

It is not overly complex, but young, feisty and full of Ardbeg character (in the taste). Is it a younger version of Uigeadail? Perhaps, but I think it has its own personality. The price on this is crazy by now, and the taste doesn’t reflect that, so you will probably be an Ardbeg enthusiast to try this, and for such, it is fun to try. I will give this 88/100 (21/22/23/22).

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