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Friday, August 31, 2018

Castle & Crag Single Grain, 40%

Review #691
A single grain whisky bottled for Aldi. Full of white fruits on the nose. Sweet pears and green apples. A little sweetness, citrus, vanilla and alcohol notes as well. The low ABV makes it very mild tho…

Some alcohol and vanilla in the taste. Again some white fruits, but not much happens. The sweetness peeps out in the finish, but just for a quick hallo… Mild burned caramel.

The finish is okay, but the rest is quite boring. Not bad, just very clean and tasteless… Grain whiskies should be well matured and powerful in taste, but this is under matured and watered all the way down to the minimum… I will give this 74/100 (18/18/20/18).

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