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Monday, November 26, 2018

Cambus 24 yo (1993/2018), James Eadie - SC, 54,9%

Review #713
This is from the “Single Cask” series and comes from a Sherry cask, with the number #48093. 465 bottles were made. First some cereal with sugars in the smell. Minute for minute, heavier and heavier dried fruits comes forward. Still with the sugars present, and some sweet cherry in the end.

A true Sherry bomb in the taste. The cask is so dominant that you don’t really notice it is a grain whisky at first! Dried fruits and tannins! The grain whisky influence is a bit more noticeable in the finish, where the dried fruits quiets a bit down (but just a bit!), and some vanilla and caramel joins the show.

Normally I love old grain whisky, because of the flavours they bring to the table, but here it is mainly the Sherry cask that dictates the flavours. Therefore, if you enjoy a heavily sherried whisky, this is for you – and just might also for you who normally don’t enjoy grain whisky! I will give this 89/100 (22/22/22/23).

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