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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bowmore Cask Strength, 56 %

Review #13
Movienight, and what is better company than a peaty cask strength whisky? Perhaps a more complex peaty cask strength whisky, but let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves. The smell is peaty and a bit citrus. Some wood comes very slowly after a couple of minutes.

The first I notice in the taste is spices and then the peat. It is very strong and definitely need some water. Wood again and some more peat. The finish is the best thing about this whisky. It last a long time, and not just on the tongue, but in the whole mouth.

I miss some complexity, and to be honest, it is a bit boring for a cask strength whisky. And trust me, I love a good cask strength whisky. But definitely a good strong whisky to a cold winter day. I give this whisky 80/100 (20/20/21/19).

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