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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Willett Pot Still Reserve 94 proof, 47 %

Review #14
Now it’s time for some Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Nice sweet corn on the nose. There are some floral hints as well, mostly rose. Hmm, bananas as well. There is a lot going on in this whisky!

The taste is classic bourbon. Vanilla, honey, oak, and I’m very glad that this is 94 proof (47 %). The power definitely gives it an extra point!

The finish is mostly the same as the taste. A bit more sweet corn and oak though. This is okay bourbon, and I’m glad that they didn’t water it down to 40 %. If they had, I think that the finish would have been ruined. 

I will recommend that you give it a couple of minutes in the glass before you drink it. I will give this 82/100 (20/21/21/20).

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