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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rosebank 23 yo (1990/2014), SMWS 25.68, 57,8 %

This 23 year old whisky is a single cask - cask strength whisky from a Refill Hogshead named ‘Vichy kisses’. This is fun! First I get marzipan and caramel on the nose, but also some hints of rubber. The rubber isn’t quite my style, but a funny mix.

There is so much going on here in the taste. Fresh fruits, apples, pears but honey sweetness as well. The finish stays for a long time. Lots of black pepper and other spices.

It has a strange balance but I love the complexity. Every time I take a sip there is something new going on. If I was into rubber notes in the smell this would have been in the nineties. But this time it must settle with a score at 89/100 (21/22/23/23).

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