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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Port Charlotte 6 yo (2001/2007), Eidora No. 9, 66,5 %

Review #152
This Port Charlotte is from Krügers Whiskygalerie and is from a bourbon cask. Only 331 bottles were made. The first I notice in the smell: PEATBOMB! I also get bacon, and if you put your nose to close, a LOT of alcohol. Well, I made the mistake but now I don’t have to worry about my nose hair for a while! In the end it gets the classic Port Charlotte young sweetness.

I said a peat bomb in the smell… Well, it is a peat bomb in the taste as well. This is young and vibrant and full of peat and alcohol. You get some more sweetness in the finish, but the peat and extremely high ABV makes it hard to sense the complexity.

Give it some water and a couple of minutes in the glass. It loses a little in the smell, but it gets much more complex in the palate. I will rate this 89/100 (23/22/22/22).

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