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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ailsa Bay, 21 PPM, 48,9 %

Review #225
This is the first bottling from Ailsa Bay Distillery. The PPM is very high for a Lowland whisky, at 21. That is roughly the same as a Bowmore. On the bottle, you can also see that the SPPM (Sugar PPM) is 11. I have never seen this kind of sugar measurement, so I have no idea if it is high or low. The smell is quite fresh yet full of peat. Some vanilla and very light notes of lemongrass in the background, but it is almost drowning in the peat.

A lot of peat in the taste. Floral notes, vanilla and fruity sweetness. Some ashes comes to mind in the finish, after the heavy peat starts to calm down, alongside loads of sweetness. There is not much wood influence though…

A fine whisky, but feels a bit young. I am looking forward to taste something from Ailsa Bay in a couple of years, when the whisky have had the chance to fully mature. I will rate this 85/100 (21/21/21/22).

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